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About Aligned

Aligned is a customer collaboration platform designed for B2B sellers who need to exceed their revenue targets in the new world of remote selling. It helps sellers collaborate more effectively with buyers and create an experience they love. Unlike other complex selling experiences managed by emails and file sharing, Aligned helps better control deals and sell smarter with never-before-tracked analytics.

Key Benefits

Customer-Facing Workspace

Streamline your sales or success process into a simple, personalized shared space for each customer.

Embed Gong Calls in Aligned

After a sales call, find & embed a recorded Gong video into your workspace.

Mutual Plans & Customer Onboarding

Gain control over customer processes and timelines using a purpose-built solution for MAPs. Helping reps close and onboard customers faster.

How to Connect:

You must have a Clozd account with Admin Permissions.

  1. Log in to Aligned.
  2. Go to the Integration page.
  3. Click Connect on the Gong integration and follow the approval flow
  4. Once connected, you’ll see an option to embed a Gong video in your Aligned Workspace


How easy is it to integrate Gong with Aligned?

Super easy. It takes about 1-3 minutes and only a few clicks.

What else do I need to know?

  • Your Aligned account email must match your Gong account email to connect.
  • Your Gong account can only belong to one workspace to connect.
  • When selecting a call, we only show non-private calls and calls in Public Folders.
  • We don't show any calls set as private, even if they are your own calls.

Aligned screenshots

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