The fastest-growing sales intelligence and engagement platform.

About Apollo

Apollo.io is the fastest-growing sales intelligence and engagement platform. Find, contact, and convert over 250 million buyers at over 60 million companies with the world’s most comprehensive, accurate, and verified B2B database. Additionally, Apollo gives you tools to engage buyers and automate sales processes from end-to-end.

About the Partnership

Leverage Apollo’s sales intelligence database and all-in-one platform in partnership with Gong.

About the Integration

The Recommended Contacts feature of Gong makes identifying and connecting with key prospects easier than ever. Within a given account, Gong will recommend specific personas that have been associated with your previous closed/won deals. We're taking it one step further in our integration with Apollo to directly uncover contact information for individuals that fit those winning personas. This allows you to reach out quickly and easily to multithread your deals for successful outcomes.


1. More leads, more deals

Find, contact, and convert 250 million accurate leads across 60 million companies. Apollo’s database is complete with robust and updated contact data. Access everything you need to access decision makers and to grow your business.

  • Rich data across 200+ attributes for contacts and companies for to build a complete ICP
  • Data intelligence for smarter prospecting to score buyers and identify job changes and key buying signals
  • Build lists fast with tools to save personas, filter, enrich, and integrate your tools like CRMs

2. All-in-one features beyond prospecting...

Build lists, enrich systems, book meetings, automate processes, and access learnings and analytics.

Apollo combines scalable engagement capabilities with workflow tools and automations in one unified platform.

  • All-in-one features like:
  • Rules engine to automate list creation and buyer contact
  • Sequences with A/B testing and cross-channel touchpoints Task management with a dialer and activity tracking

3. Apollo.io beats competitors in every category

Drive results and hit your numbers faster with Apollo. Compared to every other competitor, Apollo has better data and more tools, all at an affordable price.

How to Connect

Steps for Obtaining your API key:

  1. Log in to Apollo

  2. Go to the Apollo Settings page and click on “Integrations”

  3. Scroll until you find “API” and click on it

  4. Once you’re on the Apollo Developer Portal, click on “API Keys” on the left to find your API key. If there is no existing key, you can click “Create New Key” to generate a new API

  5. If you can’t see any of the above, you may not have the right controls to access this. Contact whoever has an admin role on your Apollo account to get this set up

  6. Once your API key is generated, copy it, then Click Here to authenticate in Gong. (Subject to your available credits)

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Find Every Buyer on Earth- Prospecting with Apollo
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How to Obtain your API key from Apollo

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