Create data-driven key performance indicators using Gong native data.

About Atrium

Atrium helps sales managers use data to improve team performance

High performing managers are the difference between team success and failure. But too often managers lack the training and the tooling to succeed.

Atrium is a Data Driven Team Management platform that is custom made to help AE, SDR, and CS / AM managers use data to improve team performance.

With Atrium, managers have:

  1. Out of box library of all the KPIs that matter

  2. Proactive goal tracking

  3. Early warning alerting of important issues before they become problems

  4. Performance issue diagnosis

The solution is simple to deploy and adopt, with instant-on setup and automated data capture from your key systems.

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About the Integration

Out of box, this integration enables the following Atrium KPIs using Gong-native call data:

  • Interactivity

  • Longest Monologue

  • Patience

  • Question Rate

  • Talk Ratio

  • Trackers

Each of these KPIs inherits all the same functionality as Atrium-native cards:

  • Simply and powerfully manipulate the data with Atrium reports (individual and team level views, ramping views, historical trends, etc.)

  • Save any permutation of these reports in Atrium dashboards, which can be distributed to anyone in your organization via email or Slack

  • Set goals at a rep or team level and Atrium will automatically monitor and alert you of progress

  • Get alerted automatically of anomalies (compared to historical performance, compared to peer performance) at a rep or team level 

  • Quickly link from the underlying data directly to Gong to review any individual call

Atrium screenshots

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