Bagel Technologies

Bagel AI gathers product gaps from all VOC channels including tickets, calls, surveys, and CRM fields.

About Bagel Technologies

The Bagel integration for Gong parses call transcripts to identify product gaps and pain points that match product roadmap candidates.


Product Ideas can be prioritized by business impact by getting a full 360 view leveraging Gong data:

  • Which customers needed this functionality
  • What is the sense of urgency and priority for the customer
  • How does this functionality contribute to the company's OKRs based on the business attributes of the customer

How to Connect

As a Gong Tech Admin, simply follow the oAuth2 flow in the Bagel Integration setup screen:

  • Go to Settings-Integrations in Bagel UI
  • Ensure you are logged in as a Gong Business Admin
  • In the "Gong" integration line, click on the "+" sign
  • Select "Authorize" and then "Allow" to enable the integration
  • Choose "Import Now" to start the import process


Q: Does Bagel analyze the calls themselves or only the transcripts?

A: Bagel AI currently only analyzes the text transcripts of the calls

Q: Which calls are relevant for Bagel AI

A: Typically, Customer facing calls such as QBRs, weekly calls, Sales Calls. These are calls in which Product Gaps are likely to be discussed.

Q: How does Bagel AI maintains the privacy of the data

A: Bagel AI is SOC2 Compliant with a recent Q4, 2024 Audit and is taking all required measures to protect its customers data both in transit and while stored.

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