Capture all web conferences, understand what's being said and deliver real-time insights.

About BlueJeans

BlueJeans is the world's leader in cloud video conferencing. Easily and securely hold live video calls, webinars, conference calls, and online meetings.

Gain powerful insights into customer conversations with revenue intelligence and analysis powered by Gong.

Gong’s integration with BlueJeans informs sales teams how to improve their performance after each interaction with prospects and customers. Once enabled, Gong joins your reps’ BlueJeans Meetings, transcribes the conversation, and delivers a comprehensive understanding of the call.

Record, Transcribe, And Annotate Your Web Conference Meetings

Dozens of sales teams use Gong to automatically record, transcribe, and analyze web conference meetings. It helps them get field visibility like never before, upskill their sales reps, and ramp new hires faster. Read on to learn how the web conference integration works, or request a demo to see it in action.

Automatically Record Every Web Conference Meeting

Whether it’s an internal meeting, or an external sales call, you can set up Gong to automatically capture and record every web conference meeting. Gong scans your reps’ calendars for events that contain their web conference link. It then “auto-joins” their scheduled web conference calls, recording the audio, video, and screen share.

Transcribe Your Web Conference Meetings

Having hundreds of web conference meeting recordings is useless if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Think of Gong as a search engine for your web conference recordings. Gong transcribes your web conference recordings from speech to text, turning them into searchable data. You can find specific meetings with ease and search for keywords that were spoken during any individual web conference meeting.

Annotate, Review, And Collaborate On Your Web Conference Meetings

Bring efficiency and collaboration to reviewing your web conference recordings. Zero in on key moments by searching for any spoken word, understand what topics were discussed throughout the call, and make time-stamped comments and annotations for feedback and collaboration.

Consent Pages

When the Gong consent page is enabled, Gong can automatically link the BlueJeans personal meeting room to each team member's consent page link.

Hot to Connect

Gong connects to BlueJeans on the account level, using OAUth (App Key and App Secret), which you can get from your company BlueJeans administrator.

  1. Request the App Key and App Secret from your BlueJeans administrator.
    If you are the BlueJeans administrator, follow these steps:
    1. Open BlueJeans and navigate to Group Settings > OAuth Access, and click Add new app.
    2. In the Create app page, enter a name, description, and your app key, then click Save. BlueJeans creates the app secret.
    3. Copy the App Key and App Secret.
  2. In your Gong company settings page, click Web Conferencing.
  3. In the BlueJeans row, click SETTINGS.
  4. Enter the App Key and App Secret you got in step 1.
  5. (Optional) Add the meeting URL used to connect to BlueJeans.
  6. Click Update.

If the integration becomes disconnected, it might indicate that the access key changed. Repeat step 1 to get the latest key and secret, and reconnect. For more details, follow the instructions here.

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