Calendly + Gong: Easily book every meeting to fill your pipeline and move to closed won

About Calendly

Calendly is the leading scheduling automation platform for eliminating back-and-forth emails and so much more. With Calendly Routing and scheduling automations, your team can increase speed to lead, fill pipeline faster, and eliminate manual scheduling across the entire organization - including sales, marketing, customer success, recruiting teams, and more. Incorporate Calendly in your tool ecosystem for support throughout the end-to-end meeting lifecycle with robust integrations and automations.

About the Integration

Use Calendly’s scheduling automation directly within Gong. Easily share and customize your availability in Gong Engage emails, and capture every meeting opportunity.


  1. Schedule Calendly meetings directly from Gong: Access your Calendly event types as you email in Gong–right from your compose window.
  2. Delight your prospects with simpler scheduling: Add open meeting times directly into your email so leads can scan & select a time with a single click.
  3. Take advantage of advanced scheduling features: Send a meeting poll to find time that works for everyone, or a one-off link when you need extra control & flexibility.

How to Connect

To use the Calendly scheduling integration, you need a Calendly account (any plan) and a Calendly browser extension, and access to Gong Engage.

  1. Download a Calendly browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge)
  2. From the extension, select Integrations
  3. Select the toggle switch for Gong
  4. Allow Gong permissions to connect with Calendly

The integration is now connected. You will find the Calendly button in the Gong Engage email composer.

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Calendly + Gong

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