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Speaker Separation Type: Mono Vs. Stereo Recording

Speaker separation type for this provider: Mono

This telephony system records audio in a single channel (mono). That is, the audio from the two parties is merged into a single channel, and there's no easy way to tell who is speaking on the call.

Will Gong be able to separate speakers from this telephony system?

For telephony systems like that record audio in a single channel, Gong will attempt to separate speakers over time.

Gong will accumulate a number of representative calls by the recorded user, and will scan them to find the common speaker.

In addition to identifying speakers on the call, Gong will attempt to break down the call into segments, each associated with a single speaker.

How to connect

Before you begin

You need a Salesforce connection to use this integration. Gong uses your Salesforce connection to find, download, and import relevant recordings.

Get connected

  1. Import users (and set them to record), then connect Salesforce.

  2. In the Gong Settings page, go to DATA CAPTURE > Telephony Systems.

  3. Click Add Telephony System.

  4. Click ChaseData, and when prompted click CONNECT.

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