Chili Piper

Schedule meetings, capture consent, and record calls with Gong + Chilipiper

About Chili Piper

Chili Piper is the leading inbound conversion software, fueling today’s high-growth B2B revenue teams. With instant speed-to-lead, routing, booking, and handoff capabilities, it enables a fast and efficient handoff from marketing to sales. Teams convert more inbound leads while spending less on marketing with Chili Piper.

About the Integration

Part 1: Engage Scheduling

Reps can easily schedule on behalf of others, Embed suggested times in outbound emails, leverage multiple calendar scheduling, and get round robin functionality when used with Gong Engage.

Part 2: Obtaining Consent

To comply with local data and privacy regulations, some businesses need to obtain consent before recording a call. Gong and Chili Piper together allow businesses to schedule meetings that automatically ask for consent for recording.

Key Benefits

Streamline the meeting booking and multi-calendar scheduling

Gong Engage users can easily embed booking availability without switching between tools and ensure all critical stakeholders are included for a productive meeting with multi-calendar scheduling.

Keep deals moving forward

With easy to include scheduling links and round robin functionality to ensure deals keep progressing. Plus, capture consent capture and trigger workflows post capturing consent to schedule calls

Ensure compliance from the start

Businesses that operate in markets where local rules and regulations require them to get manual consent before recording a call. With this integration, businesses can be compliant from Day 1 and avoid any legal traps.

How to Connect

Engage Scheduling:

  1. Navigate to the Chili Piper Chrome Extension

  2. Once complete, go to the People tab in Gong Engage, after opening a Lead or Contact, you can launch Chili Piper to instantly book, and/or Handoff the meeting, depending on your license type. (The same buttons are also visible after opening a Conversation, then expanding the participant's list under the company's umbrella, and hovering the mouse over the required prospect)

  3. the highlighted button below will also be visible while composing a new message, enabling you to insert suggested times from there:

  4. Start using Gong Engage Scheduling Powered by Chili Piper!

Obtaining Consent:

  1. Head over to the Admin Center Integrations page.

  2. Click the Connect button on the Gong app

  1. You will be prompted to log in to Gong and accept the permission scope:

  1. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected back to Chili Piper, and it will say connected!

You can check which users have Gong integration enabled under the Users table in the Admin Center:

The users listed will automatically refresh periodically, or you can force a new refresh by clicking the "Refresh Users" button within the Integrations page.

Engage integration overview

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