Identify meetings with Gong recordings and review playback directly in Clari.

About Clari

Clari automatically captures and analyzes opportunity data, and predicts which deals will close vs which are at risk.

About the Integration

Minimize jumping back and forth between Clari and Gong. When enabled, Gong displays "Open opportunity in Clari" links throughout the platform, allowing you to jump directly to the same deal in Clari.

Identify within Clari deal and inspection workflows which recent meetings associated with a deal or account have Gong recordings available for review, and be able to quickly review Gong trackers mentioned during their recent meetings where Gong recordings are available as well as playback the call using Gong's embedded call player.

Key Benefits

  1. Seamlessly navigate between Gong and Clari in deal/account reviews

  2. Identify meetings with Gong call recordings during deal/account inspection in Clari, and review Gong trackers and call playback using Gong’s embedded call player.

How to Connect

To enable the Gong integration within Clari, please reach out to your Clari Customer Success Manager or support at

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