For all Gong customers, get up to 50% off your first year with Clearbit

About Clearbit

Clearbit helps B2B marketing and revenue teams understand their most valuable customers and activate their Ideal Customer Profile across the digital funnel. Reach new target prospects, convert high-value website visitors, and prioritize the best leads in your sales funnel. Clearbit integrates with your go-to tools to deliver the data you need where you need it.

About the Partnership

Clearbit offers Gong customers the full picture and unparalleled insight into their target market, prospects, and customers. With Gong and Clearbit, customers leverage the best sales and marketing intelligence platforms together to power go-to-market motions, workflows, and insights across the customer lifecycle.

Clearbit is offering up to a 50% discount to all Gong customers for their first year with Clearbit.


Superior B2B data

Utilize Clearbit’s proprietary B2B data graph to gain holistic, accurate, and high quality data across every company with a website and their associated contacts.

Seamless and Easy Integrations

As an API-first company, Clearbit has prioritized partner integrations with leading go-to-market apps since the beginning. Clearbit is able to power any best-in-class tech stack with an easy setup to get started in hours.

Increase Revenue with Data-Driven Insights

Clearbit’s industry-leading B2B data will fuel marketing strategies by automating data workflows, target ideal customers, and personalize interactions. Watch your revenue teams succeed at driving the outcomes they need with speed, precision and ease.

How to activate/register

To get started, connect with the Clearbit team here.

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