Capture all calls, understand what's being said and gain critical insights.

About CloudTalk

Make and receive calls using powerful call center software connected to your favourite business tools.

Gather and analyze call recordings with no limits. Get organized transcripts and insights about every customer interaction, and watch your team thrive with Gong + CloudTalk integration.

Quick feature overview:

  • Get local or toll-free numbers from more than 140+ countries
  • Listen to calls and review transcripts in for all recorded calls in CloudTalk
  • Connect CloudTalk calls with contacts from your CRM in CloudTalk and
  • See CloudTalk calls as activities in your Deals
  • Automate agent workflows based on CloudTalk events
  • Integration with other CRM, e-commerce or support solutions

Help your sales team succeed

Gong lets you identify your top reps and their strengths, helping your team learn from one another. For instance, if certain sales representatives stand out thanks to their talk-to-listen ratio, it may mean they’re asking the right questions. Gong allows you to share such tips with the rest of the team, leading to overall improvements.

Browse through past conversations

By transcribing and storing all sales conversations, Gong ensures no information is ever lost. Looking for specific data? Use keywords to find it, fast. Want to check on an agent’s progress? Simply browse through his/her past conversations.

Collaboration made easier than ever

Having the proper tools to work together is the foundation of a strong, happy team that gets results. Simplify the process of asking for help and sharing initiatives by allowing your team to tag one another, brainstorm, and share sales calls — internally or with customers.

How to Connect

Before you add the into CloudTalk, make sure that telephony system calls are enabled in your data capture settings.

If you're not a Technical Administrator in, ask someone who is to add the integration for you.

Note: You need to be a Technical Administrator in Gong to approve OAuth access.

Adding into CloudTalk

  1. Log into CloudTalk Dashboard account

  2. Click on Account > Integrations in the left sidebar menu

  3. Select integration and click on the "+Add" button to install the integration

  4. You will be redirected to, click "Allow" to connect CloudTalk and This is an OAuth integration.

  5. You will be redirected back to CloudTalk where you can customize your integration settings.

  6. CloudTalk Integration Settings

    • Caption - The name of your integration under Account > Integrations.

      Useful if you have multiple Gong accounts, connected to CloudTalk.

    • Contacts tag - IGNORE, REMOVING

    • Log calls between internal contactsEnable/Disable

      This allows you to send agents their call recordings.

    • Log calls in for unassociated call numbersEnable/Disable

      Sends calls to for those phone numbers that aren't associated with contacts.

    • Connected numbers

      This allows you to send call recordings only from specific CloudTalk numbers.

  7. Click Save

And that's it.

CloudTalk screenshots

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