Clozd helps companies understand why they win and lose sales opportunities by capturing feedback directly from buyers and sales reps after an opportunity is closed. Combining Clozd with Gong provides a complete picture of what happened throughout the entire lifecycle of a deal.

About Clozd

About the Integration

Gong already provides a transcript of each sales call for an opportunity. These transcripts offer additional and potentially rich feedback for why a deal was won or lost. Clozd can now ingest these transcripts to be analyzed in the Clozd Platform alongside your win-loss interviews and surveys. This will allow you to truly understand what’s happening across your sales pipeline before and after each deal is closed.

Key Benefits

Capture a holistic view of your sales process from start to finish.

Gong captures sales conversations from the start of an opportunity until it closes, which tells you what happened. Clozd adds post-opportunity feedback directly from your buyers and sales reps, which tells you why you won or lost an opportunity. Combining your Clozd and Gong data unlocks a holistic view of what's happening—and why it's happening.

Improve sales coaching with buyer feedback.

Specific moments on sales calls correlate with the Decision Drivers Clozd identifies in interviews and surveys. You can now dig deeper into your Clozd Decision Drivers to understand what moments from sales calls fall into those specific areas. This allows you to revisit and train your sales reps on successful plays—and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Consolidate key information in one place.

Import Gong call recordings into the Clozd Platform and view them alongside buyer and sales rep feedback. As you analyze the data, you also have the ability to make comments and tag the transcript of Gong call recordings—just like you do with Clozd interviews and surveys. You can view and report on those insights from Gong in aggregate with your Clozd feedback.

How to Connect:

You must have a Clozd account with Admin Permissions.

  1. Sign in to your Clozd account
  2. Navigate to the Configuration > Integrations tab
  3. Click 'Connect' on the Gong integration
  4. Sign in to Gong with your Tech Admin Credentials


1. What level of permission is needed to connect to Gong?

To integrate Gong with Clozd, a Gong Technical Admin needs to authenticate from Clozd.

2. How does Clozd know which opportunity is associated with each Gong call recording?

Clozd maps call recordings from Gong to deals in Clozd using your CRM opportunity ID. Customers need to link Gong to their CRMs for the Clozd <> Gong integration to work.

3. Who will be able to see Gong data in Clozd?

Users will be able to view Gong transcripts on any deal with published win-loss feedback (interviews or surveys). If users' level of access limits what deals they can see, those users will only see Gong transcripts that exist on the deals they have permission to access.

4. What can I do with Gong data in Clozd?

Users will be able to search Gong transcripts, tag Gong transcripts, and add comments to Gong transcripts, the same way that users can currently search, tag, and comment on published win-loss feedback. Users will not be able to edit Gong data in Clozd.

5. Will I be able to see Clozd data in Gong?

Currently, the integration between Clozd and Gong is one-way, meaning users will only see Gong data in Clozd. Clozd data will not appear in Gong.

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