Compare win-loss data and recordings of sales calls side by side.

About Clozd

Clozd helps companies understand why they win and lose sales opportunities by capturing feedback directly from buyers and sales reps after an opportunity is closed. Combining Clozd with Gong—which records sales calls with buyers while an opportunity is still live—provides a complete picture of what happened throughout the entire lifecycle of a deal.

Customer Testimonial:

"We can see our Gong keywords side by side with the Clozd interviews which helps us optimize all of our reps, from newbie to veteran, through specific coaching moments." Casandra Valdes | Sr. Director Sales Enablement at Hello Heart


Improve sales coaching using buyer feedback

Specific moments on sales calls correlate with the Decision Drivers that Clozd identifies from interviews and surveys. You can now dig deeper into your Clozd Decision Drivers to understand which specific moments from sales calls contribute to those drivers. This allows you to revisit and train your sales reps on successful plays—and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Optimize your sales process

Analyzing Gong data with Clozd insights helps you understand where (and why) prospects face roadblocks in the sales process. This enables you to identify areas of improvement and pair them with specific examples of problematic talk tracks (to avoid) or successful talk tracks (to use) so you can fine-tune your process. You can then set up tracking and alerts in Gong to measure how frequently these issues are happening and how well your reps are adopting the new training and procedures.

Simplify buyer research

Gong’s call recordings show you what happened throughout the deal’s lifecycle, while your buyers’ first-hand accounts explain why you won or lost the deal. Combining that complementary data in one convenient place makes it easy to analyze. You’ll have the ability to make comments and tag the transcript of Gong call recordings—just like you do with Clozd interviews and surveys—and you can also view and report on those insights from Gong in aggregate with your Clozd feedback.

How to Connect

You can find instructions on how to connect Clozd and Gong here.

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