Sync your Gong data and then make it work for you by using a Coda doc.

About Coda

About the Integration

Our Gong Pack (Packs are Coda’s version of integrations) will let you sync in data from Gong into your Coda doc as a table, letting you take full advantage of Coda’s rich functionality to organize your Gong data however you want. Whether it’s turning upcoming calls into a kanban board of to-dos or graphing how the team spent time across different clients, Coda lets you organize your Gong content as you see fit.

Key Benefits

All of your customer interactions, in one place

We’ve all been there: customer information is scattered across emails, fields in everyone’s favorite CRM, free floating docs, and more. And what starts as out as a simple ask from the product team turns into an odyssey. But thanks to Coda’s Packs with some of the most popular tools, you can pull all of that customer context into a single surface. And that’s not all either; Coda’s Packs contain advanced functionality that allow you to build automated workflows right in your doc. Want to trigger a Slack message when an account executive has been on the phone for more than 5 hours today? Combine the Gong Pack, Slack Pack, Salesforce and some Coda formulas to create an automated customer engagement system. The possibilities are endless!

Format and organize your Gong calls how you want to

It’s the end of the quarter and you want to summarize how you’ve been spending your call time. You’ve got it in a table but you want to create a chart to capture the big picture and a kanban board to group how the calls went. With Coda, you can make both views in a few clicks using the data that you pull in from Gong.

Add rich documentation and more to your Gong calls

Coda is the all-in-one doc that brings words, data, and teams together. It comes with building blocksーlike tables that talk to each other and buttons that take actionーso anyone can make a doc as powerful as an app. Want to visualize your sales team’s bandwidth during team syncs right next to this week’s call notes? You can do all of that, easily, in Coda.

How to Connect

You can add the Gong Pack to your doc by either:

  1. going to, searching for the Gong pack
  2. clicking the "add to doc" button when you're ready to add it to your doc.

Or if you're already in a doc:

  1. clicking the "Insert" button in the upper right corner of your doc and selecting "Packs & import"
  2. and then searching for the Gong Pack in the search bar

You can also add it by typing “/” onto the document canvas followed by the name of the Pack you want to use:

After going through one of the above options, you should see a pop-up screen giving an overview of the pack. You can scroll down to learn more about the pack, such as what formulas it has. Then, if you're ready to proceed you can click the blue "Sign in to add to doc" button. From there you can sync in data around calls, interactions and general activity.

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