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About Cognism

Cognism provides premium sales intelligence, helping sales and marketing teams around the world drive predictable pipeline. We’re here to get you through to the right people in less time, when they’re looking to buy, so that your team can have more conversations and close more deals.

About the Partnership

Gong thinks we’re pretty great and we think they are too! Our perfect pair have come together to get you through to recommended contacts in target companies who actually pick up the phone! Have more conversations with your ideal customers with unlimited access to B2B emails and 98% accurate mobiles, discounted by 20% on any package!


1. You’ll speak to the people you’re trying to reach!

Find your perfect match and form genuine connections with buying committees in your target accounts. Access to the best mobile coverage in the US and the most complete data in Europe.

2. Less time and more convos!

We’ve got pinpoint accuracy of phone-verified mobiles that you won’t find anywhere else. That means your team will be connecting faster, having more conversations, and generating more revenue. What a win!

3. It’s all legal eagle approved

You won’t have to sweat about evolving international privacy laws - we’ll keep you compliant! Our data meets all GDPR and CCPA requirements - one less thing to worry about.

How to activate/register

  1. Head over to
  2. Press some buttons and click to claim.
  3. You’re all set! Kick back with a coffee and we’ll be in touch.

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