Export conversational data into Salesforce to automate data entry.

About Comtura

66 million years ago, CRMs were manually updated with entries from handwritten notes and poorly remembered conversations. Thankfully, we’ve evolved.

Comtura automatically captures key information from meeting transcripts pushing these into Salesforce. Capture information and create relevant tasks from meetings with Comtura.

It removes a lot of heavy lifting and noise that filling in Salesforce brings for AE, CSM,SDR and AM teams so that they can focus on looking after customers and prospects.

About the Integration

The Comtura Gong Integration allows you to take transcripts and intelligence from Gong and push it into Salesforce.

The integration bridges Gong and Salesforce making it easier than ever to capture all the relevant information and next steps from a meeting. Comtura can be customized to support your custom object or task based Salesforce workflows while leveraging high quality meeting insights from Gong.


Capture what your customer said in Salesforce

Reps typically have “happy ears”, they listen to what they want to hear and this is often what makes it into Salesforce. We use AI & NLP to capture what your prospects and customers really said and that’s what makes it into your CRM. We create signals from what was said and allow you to select the most relevant information to push into Salesforce.

Bring consistency and efficiency to your processes

Reduce onboarding times by making sure that everyone follows the same process. Lower the gap between your top performers and someone who has joined day one by only showing fields that are relevant to them, use signals to pull out the kind of information they need to be noting down automatically.

Identify key players and their role within a deal

Comtura pulls out stakeholders and creates roles/objects in Salesforce whilst giving concise summaries that can be pushed directly into the CRM. Identify key players and their role within a deal. You no longer need to sit through 4-5 hours of call recordings to understand what’s going on in a deal. Only when it really matters. Get summaries and tasks for each account.

How to connect

Your technical administrator needs to either:

Create an account with your email provider at

You can skip connecting your CRM in the next page

Click “Connect Gong” and enable the Comtura Gong integration

🎉You have successfully setup the Comtura Gong Integration 🎉

Add Gong API key to Comtura

Login to Gong → {your company name} Partner Settings → Integration → Ecosystem → API → API Keys → Get API Key

Generate an API key following the steps above, copy the Access Key Login to Comtura → Settings → Paste the Access Key into Access Key. That’s it, copy and paste then you’re done!

After this your gong meetings should appear in Comtura. If you have any trouble with the Comtura/Gong integration please reach out to us at:

Comtura screenshots

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