Automatically surface customer insights from recorded calls with CustomerIQ’s powerful AI

About CustomerIQ

CustomerIQ surfaces actionable insights for product and marketing teams from existing data like Gong calls, emails, tickets, reviews, notes, and more.


Fully automated

Extract key customer insights from recorded calls with CustomerIQs AI and make them available to your product, marketing, and research teams.

Search across all calls for any topic or mention

Search any topic, like a Google search across all your calls.

Prioritize work based on what your customers want

Discover common themes, from pain points to benefits, and how they change over time.

Understand exactly why you win or lose

Supercharge your win/loss analysis and understand exactly why you’re winning or losing deals

How to Connect

Start for free, just set your CustomerIQ workspace up here:

  1. Go to your workspace settings
  2. Select Apps & Integrations
  3. From the integrations tab, select “Configure” on the Gong listing.
  4. Authenticate with your Gong account (note, must be a Gong Admin)
  5. Allow CustomerIQ the listed permissions to import and map your recorded calls.

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