Leading privacy management platform. Map personal data and automate DSRs to build trust and eliminate risk.

About Datagrail

At DataGrail, we believe in a world where people can be in control of their privacy and identity.

We're developing the privacy platform modern brands rely on to build customer trust and transparency. We untangle the complexity of data privacy and help brands build privacy programs that work, giving them an easy-to-use platform to automate and scale privacy, and stay compliant with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA. With 1000+ pre-built connections with popular apps and infrastructure, the DataGrail Integrations Network is the first of its kind to detect shadow IT that may contain personal data, ensuring the most accurate data discovery.

DataGrail services millions of consumers, through companies like Okta, Salesforce, Overstock, Restoration Hardware, NETGEAR, and Outreach, and has 4.8/5 stars on G2.

About the Integration

Detect consumer data that is collected and stored within Gong to quickly process DSRs (access, delete, and do-not-sell requests) and comply with global privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA.

Rely on an accurate blueprint of where consumer data lives in your organization with automated data mapping — no more surveys or spreadsheets needed to maintain a privacy framework or produce a record of processing activities (RoPA).

With DataGrail and Gong, your organization will build customer trust and eliminate risky business.

Key Benefits

1. Live Data Map

DataGrail is the only privacy platform that provides continuous system detection, delivering a real-time inventory of your data assets. DataGrail’s 1300+ pre-built connectors combined with database and data lake integrations support data discovery of all personal data within your organization, creating a Live Data Map.

2. Request Manager

Automate data subject requests for the GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA. Eliminate human-error and manual processing to protect your company’s brand and reduce risk. Request Manager fulfills Do Not Sell (DNS), access, and deletion requests. DataGrail’s proprietary identity verification improves the consumer experience, and streamlines the internal process.

How to connect

DataGrail customers are able to connect the integration from within the DataGrail platform. Reach out to get started here.

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