See information from transactions in your DealRoom right from your Gong activity timeline.

About DealHub

DealHub offers the most complete and connected quote-to-revenue solutions for sales organizations. Our low-code platform empowers visionary leaders to connect their teams and processes, execute deals faster, and create accurate and predictable pipelines. With a unified CPQ, CLM, Billing, and Subscription Management stack powered by a guided selling playbook, teams can generate spot-on quotes, accelerate contract negotiations, and sign off bigger deals. Using a DealRoom, they can centralize buyer/seller communications to deliver the most innovative buyer experience and drive deals to success.

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About the Integration

The integration provides new data only available in DealHub (like users engagement with the DealRoom and progress with the opportunity execution) directly in the Gong activity timeline.

Key Benefits

  1. Sellers can now get more information on buyer engagement and deal sentiment. Users of the integration can simply connect DealHub with Gong to show the engagement statuses within the DealRoom to Gong's deal timeline

  2. Sellers can access the DealRoom directly from the deal status page in Gong

How to Connect

You must be an admin in both Gong and DealHub to complete the Gong integration setup.

  1. Login to CPQ

  2. Go to System Settings

  3. Go to Gong Integration section

  4. Press the Integration Setup button

  5. When prompted, authorize Gong to receive DealRoom data

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