Capture all web conferences, understand what's being said and deliver real-time insights.

About Demodesk

Demodesk is the #1 customer meeting platform for sales and success teams. We help you guide sellers in real-time, automate non-selling tasks, engage customers in the meeting, and analyze insights at scale.

The Demodesk integration with Gong enables anyone to make the most out of every customer conversation. Use this integration to gain deep insights from your team's Demodesk call recordings to better analyze, drive, and coach your entire team at scale. Automatically sync your call recordings between platforms to understand how to grow your organization faster.

Drive team performance

Standardize & analyze your team’s sales narrative with Demodesk playbooks and on-demand battlecards. Understand how sales content is used and how it impacts customer conversations at a deeper level. Use these insights to support and drive your team’s performance with all the right content in every call.


Automate admin tasks

Automatically sync every meeting recording directly into Gong so you can analyze, coach, and drive continuous team growth. You can even automate scheduling and CRM tasks so your reps can spend more time selling.


Coach & analyze at scale

Analyze meeting performance in Gong to streamline coaching & understand where to focus your efforts. Pair your Gong meeting analysis with Demodesk shadowing and meeting recordings to understand what's happening in every call, identify best practices, and coach teams at scale.


How to connect

Follow this guide to learn how to connect Demodesk and Gong

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