Record live sessions within the Digideck platform and sync with your Gong account.

About Digideck

Our Digideck team is excited to announce our newest integration into the platform – Gong! This integration brings together two powerful customer engagement solutions that offer real-time, in-depth analysis of customer interactions and work together to further speed up the sales cycle.

Gong has quickly gained popularity as a platform to capture customer interactions, understand what is being said in those interactions, and deliver real-time insights that help customers win more deals.

Coupled with Digideck Live, users will be able to record their Live sessions within the Digideck platform and instantaneously sync that recording to their Gong account.

Let’s walk through a quick example to show how easy and quick it is to take advantage of this integration. Note, if you’re a current Digideck user, your platform administrator will need to enable this function.

Administrators will now see a new tab on their menu titled integrations. This is where an administrator will go to enable the Gong.io integration for the entire team using Digideck.

How to Connect

In order to connect, [please follow this guide] (http://support.sportsdigita.com/en/articles/4811657-digideck-live-gong-integration).

Digideck screenshots

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