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About Dock

Dock is a revenue enablement platform that customers love. Dock helps sales, customer success and marketing work together to grow revenue. Dock makes it easy to set up digital sales rooms, onboarding checklists, client portals and project hubs. With Dock, revenue teams can organize client-facing content, create/sign order forms and streamline security reviews.

About the Integration

Share Gong videos in a Dock workspace. After a call, share call recordings with your buyers to keep everyone aligned. Within Dock, sales reps can search for recent videos and embed within the workspace.

Key Benefits

  1. Digital Sales Room— Build a repeatable sales process with Dock’s Digital Sales Room. A private website for your buyers that organizes everything in one place. Dock features mutual action plans, embedded content (Gong videos!), order forms, security profiles and more.

  2. Share Gong Videos in Dock— After a sales call, find & embed a recorded Gong video in your digital sales room.

  3. Mutual Plans & Customer Onboarding— Keep customers aligned with Dock’s project plans. Dock’s project plans are shared with the customer and include action buttons, subtasks, multi-phases and more.

How to connect

  1. Login to Dock
  2. Go to the Integration page
  3. Click Configure and follow approval flow
  4. Now, from within a Dock workspace, you’ll see an option to embed a Gong video

Dock About Video
Dock + Gong demo

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