Dooly launches Gong integration to help sellers create deal narratives that win.

About Dooly

Dooly is the world’s first connected workspace for revenue teams. Giving salespeople back the freedom to sell, Dooly helps sellers hit quota by saving them 5+ hours of Salesforce grunt work every week. Businesses worldwide — including Asana, BigCommerce, and Intercom — use Dooly to align their teams on a single platform that helps everyone become a top performer.

About the Integration

Dooly’s integration with Gong brings together a rep’s call recordings and notes into one place so they can capture the full story of a deal.

Key Benefits

Listen to your calls with 1-click

With Dooly, reps can easily access Gong calls so they can clean up their notes before syncing them to Salesforce.

Build winning deal narratives

Centralize your notes and Gong calls so your team can get the full deal story in one place.

How to connect

Gong admins can use this link to enable the Dooly <> Gong integration:

You can also enable the Gong integration directly from Dooly:

  1. Login to your Dooly account

  2. Click your profile

  3. Select “Settings”

  4. Select “Integrations” from the left navigation

  5. Enable the Gong integration.

  6. Complete the login authorization steps.

Dooly screenshots

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