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Share recordings of Gong meetings with your buyers in a single place - your Digital Sales Room.

About Enable Us by Mindtickle

Designed with buyers in mind, Enable Us by Mindtickle is redefining digital buying experiences for sellers, buyers and customers. We offer a Digital Sales Room solution that empowers sellers to build digital buying experiences that engage buyers and get deals done faster. Sellers curate relevant content, mutual action plans, and signable documents tailored to the prospect’s needs.

About the integration

Simply view, select, and share Gong recordings with prospects

With our integration with Gong, easily share Gong recordings alongside curated content (e.g. case studies, sales sheets, and pricing quotes) in a Digital Sales Room tailored to your prospect’s needs.

Both sellers and buyers can access and view previous recorded sales calls and demos, which increases collaboration and trust between sellers and buyers. Your sales team also gains insight into buyer interactions to identify and prioritize engaged prospects, ultimately keeping deals on track and increasing chances of closing more deals quickly.

Key Benefits

Make buying easier for prospects with a Digital Sales Room

A Digital Sales Room provides a single online location for buyers to access everything they need to evaluate your offering, easily share the room with stakeholders via a single link, and make buying decisions.

Easily curate content and Gong recordings

Our Gong integration makes it easy for sellers to view, select, and share Gong calls to prospects via a Digital Sales Room. We offer additional integrations to upload and relevant content from Google Drive, OneDrive, Zoom, and more.

Gain insights into buyer interactions to identify and prioritize deals

View real-time data and insights in how prospects engage with your Gong recordings and sales content. When buyers view, engage, or share content, sellers are immediately alerted via email or Slack notifications.

With in-depth buyer insights, your sellers can use the appropriate sales strategies to re-engage prospects or prioritize engaged buyers to accelerate the sales cycle.

How to connect

To enable this integration and access calls, users must have Technical Administrator-level access in Gong. An Admin with Gong Technical Administrator access can connect their Gong account under Settings > Integrations > Cloud Storage on the Enable Us platform. Once connected, follow these steps to connect your Gong account:

  1. Log in to your Enable Us by Mindtickle account
  2. From the Library, click the UPLOAD CONTENT button
  3. Click on the "Gong" button
  4. Log in to your Gong account
  5. Click the ALLOW button to approve the connection

For additional trouble shooting, see this Help Center article

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