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About Enterpret

If you're a product company you know how important customer feedback is. Traditionally, most of that feedback stayed in a black box. Now, Gong is where your most important (potential) customers interact with you and give you feedback. The Enterpret Gong integration opens up that black box by leveraging state-of-the-art natural language processing.

It's the best way to understand what your users think of your product, its features, and your competitors.

About the integration

Enterpret ingests Gong calls and automatically tags them with your feedback taxonomy.

Key Benefits

  1. Automatically Create Your Feedback Taxonomy - Feedback taxonomy structures unstructured feedback. Enterpret goes through all historical Gong calls, figures out what’s repeatedly being said, and creates a tag for it to generate your feedback taxonomy.

  2. Trend Analysis on the Voice of Your Target Audience - All your customers and prospects are talking about your product with your team but knowing what topics are trending in these conversations can feel impossible. Enterpret automatically tags important keywords and phrases with each Gong call to make this analysis easy and accessible through its modern analytical interface.

  3. Automatic Win-Loss Analysis - Don't waste time going through case notes and manually cataloging causation as to why deals are being lost or won. Leverage the Enterpret Compare Feature.

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