Seamlessly share call recordings with your customers

About EverAfter

EverAfter lets you build personalized hubs for every user directly inside your product. No code required. EverAfter <> Gong integration allows you to share Gong recordings with your customers seamlessly.

Auto-generate call links

EverAfter searches for meetings with every customer, and automatically generates call links that will be attached to the meeting timelines.

Feature-rich meetings widget for all your meeting needs.

The integration enables you to better manage your meetings by incorporating agenda items, summaries, documents, and meeting recordings all in one place.

Let your customers watch recordings within their customer hub

All meeting recordings are embedded directly into your EverAfter customer portal, so your customers never have to leave it.

How to connect:

  1. From EverAfter, go to 'Manage workspace'
  2. Under 'Integrations' —> Choose 'Gong' —> 'Integrate'
  3. Connect with your Gong account
  4. Your Gong is now connected to EverAfter!

EverAfter screenshots

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