Evolve IP’s Unified Communications from Cisco delivers award-winning collaboration (video, chat, conferencing, and more) and crystal-clear voice services that integrate with the applications you’re already using today, on any connected device.

About EvolveIP

How to connect

  1. Create general access credentials for the S3 bucket to allow Gong to access it and retrieve json/metadata files and audio/recordings using those credentials. The permissions required by Gong are:
  • s3:GetBucketLocatio
  • s3:ListBucket
  • s3:GetObject
  1. Make a note of the information you need for your chosen access method:
  • AWS S3 access key ID
  • AWS S3 secret access key
  • S3 path - the file path to the json/metadata and the audio/recording files in the format, region/bucket/root

For example, us-east-2/evolveipbucket/crweb-d04/, means the files are located in evolveipbucket, in the us-east-2 AWS region, and all file keys are prefixed with “crweb-d04/”.

Make sure that there is at least one call from the past week in the bucket referred to in the path. This call is used to validate the path.

Also, make sure the path leads to a folder structure that includes the date /yyyy/mm/dd/hh/. For example, the json/metadata and audio/recordings files for a specific call will be:

  • “crweb-d01.voip**/2020/08/16/18/**recording-20210426_080300-123456789@voip.evolveip.net-0-%2987654321-0-XMHG.json

  • “crweb-d01.voip/2020/08/16/18/recording-20210426_080300-123456789@voip.evolveip.net-0-%2987654321-0-XMHG.wav

Note: We expect the matching json/metadata and audio/recordings files to be stored at the same path and have the same name (except the extension).

  1. In Gong, in your company Settings page, go to Integrations > Telephony systems.

  2. Click + Add telephony system, and select EvolveIP.

  3. Enter the following:

    a. S3 Access Key ID

    b. S3 Secret Access Key

    c. S3 Path to the json/metadata and audio/recording files in the following format: region/bucket/root (see above).

  4. Configure the Speaker Channel to the required channel.

  5. Click Connect.

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