Improve how reps qualify and sell using Gong

About Fabius

Fabius uses best in class machine learning to identify cases where your reps conversations don't align with your sales methodology (e.g. BANT, MEDDICC, etc.)

About integration

By integrating with Gong, we can access the transcripts from your calls to give you more insight into how to better improve your GTM motion.

Key Benefits

1. Identify missed steps in qualification. Ensure that during qualification you've covered crucial topics like Budget and Authority.

2. Highlight opportunities for coaching. Your reps are on the phone constantly and watching everything would be impossible. We highlight key moments with customer conversations to allow you to coach your reps.

How to Connect

  1. Navigate to the Integrations Page (Settings > Integrations)
  2. Click "Configure" in the Gong tile
  3. Authorize Fabius within Gong

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