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About Fluincy

Fluincy leverages a proprietary data model to dive into our clients' everyday conversations, extract valuable insights, and connect the dots between customer needs and corresponding solutions available within the client's ecosystem.

Fluincy integrates with Gong to collect an organization’s customer calls. We use the transcripts to automate an actionable and directional insight that is sent to the user who conducted the call about the partners in their ecosystem who solves for the problem or needs as we find them in the call transcripts.


Right Partner at the Right Time

We use the transcripts created by Gong to find the problems that partners solve for. We send a timely message to the person who hosted the call so they can engage with a partner that can help them solve a customer problem.

You Don’t Have to Remember All Your Partners

Remembering what each partner in your ecosystem does and how to engage them is an impossible task. Fluincy is your ecosystem memory. We remember what each partner does and sends you a timely message when they’re relevant to your customers.

Fluincy is Gong’s ecosystem companion.

Fluincy uses Gong’s transcripts in conjunction with the keywords that identify the problems partner’s solve for, and the context of the partner’s better together story to uncover partner referrals and automate the partner referral process.


How is this materially different than what Gong does with its keywords?

The way that this is done now in Gong usually requires additional and manual steps after the keywords have been identified. Fluincy allows for partner awareness at scale by removing the friction between keyword identification and action on the part of the seller or CSM.

Do I have to have Slack to make Fluincy work?

Yes. Slack is the only way that an end user can get the messages from the Fluincy system when a partner match is made.

Can I use Fluincy with my agency partners?

Yes! You can invite your agency partners into your Fluincy instance so that your agency partners can better identify opportunities to send referrals to you without having to enable them at scale.

Do you support Microsoft Teams?

Not at the moment. Teams is on our roadmap but is not currently available.

Does Fluincy ever keep or use the transcripts in any other way besides it's stated purpose?

No. Fluincy does not use the data in the transcript in any other way than is materially stated for the purpose of the software.

How to Connect

  1. Go to https://dashboard.getfluincy.com
  2. Login with Google
  3. Click on Settings > Integrations
  4. Click Connect on the Gong integration tile (Must be done by a Gong technical admin)

Note: Individual users (Not Gong Admins) are invited into Fluincy and connect their Slack accounts on an individual basis.

Fluincy screenshots

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