Generate a compelling business case in one click, using your sales conversations in Gong

About Fluint

Stop losing deals when you’re not in the room. Fluint helps you create and sell with a committed champion for every deal in your pipeline.


Ditch the Product Deck

Skip the marketing speak and stack of product decks buyers won't send their boss. Draft a compelling business case they’ll actually use — in one click. (Seriously. One click, for content that’s actually good.)

Write With Your Buyer’s Words

Fluint understands and uses the nuance of each buyer’s own words. So your content sounds like your buyers wrote it themselves. Matching your message to how your champion will sell you internally.

A Complete System for Complex Deals

Use proven frameworks for business cases, exec summaries, mutual action plans, mid-funnel emails and more. Every piece of content you need to help champions sell. No data or “token” limits, Fluint turns notes, long email chains, and multiple transcripts into one narrative.

How to Connect

  1. In your Fluint account, go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Click on the Gong logo, then "Grant Access."
  3. Authorize the integration when redirected to Gong.

Then you're good to go.

Fluint screenshots

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