Truly understand your customers by turning qualitative data into quantifiable trends.


Mine untapped value from customer conversations

Uncover those vital 'golden nuggets' of insight - often left untouched in the complexity of customer conversations. We are not just referring to simple keyword tracking, but meaningful, actionable insights aggregated into critical trends that can inform key business strategies.

Leverage AI for Rich Insights

Combining recorded conversations from Gong and relevant CRM data, we then apply an intricate analysis framework to turn qualitative data into quantifiable trends. These insights are not just data points; they are rich, contextualized insights linked back to their sources, providing a clear picture of customer perceptions and sentiments.

Uniting Teams

Four/Four works as a binding force for functional teams in B2B SaaS businesses. We provide a shared and common language that enables Sales, Product, Marketing, Customer Success, and the Executive Team to work cohesively.

Delivering Unmatched Business Value

Our insights power key decision-making within your business. They can guide what to build, how to effectively position and market your product, construct compelling product demos, and comprehend individual customer needs in depth.

How to Connect

Gong customers need a Four/Four subscription or trial to use this integration.

  • Once signed in to Four/Four, navigate to Settings, then Connections
  • Select Gong to authenticate with your Gong Tech Admin credentials via oAuth


What CRM do I need to make this work?

We currently have an integration with Salesforce. There are plans to integrate with others soon.

How quickly can I get up and running?

All you need to do is sign-up to access the platform and run through the Gong integration steps.

What is the commercial model?

A SaaS annual license fee.

Where can I view the generated insights?

The Four/Four Hub is the reporting interface that allows you to view insights and topics (trends) across the business. We also have a Salesforce lightning app where insights can be viewed by opportunity, lead or contact within the Salesforce interface.

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