Apply our Customizable AI suggestions to your Gong calls with ease!

About Gondola

Customizable AI for GTM Teams. You focus on selling - we'll handle the rest.

About the Integration

Gondola provides a process score for every opportunity in your pipeline. Identify what your best reps are doing well and use those insights to create new playbooks for your struggling reps to follow with the Gondola Gong Integration.

Key Benefits

Transform your sales strategy with AI-driven data capture.

Gondola uses an AI customized to your sales process to deliver CRM suggestions and call summaries based upon the conversation with your customer.

We're saving sales reps hours per week and helping to capture a new level of detail about your customers. It so good it's like your customer is updating your CRM for you.

30 seconds. Not 30 minutes.

With Gondola, sales teams can be up to speed on a deal in just 30 seconds, not 30 minutes. We aggregate key details of each conversation and provide a deal history to teammates, ensuring that everyone involved is always on the same page.

Fill your CRM data gap by the end of the week.

Gondola analyzes your historical call library and enriches your CRM with valuable information previously missed. This fills a data gap in your CRM and allows you to identify opportunities you would have otherwise missed. Say goodbye to missed opportunities due to incomplete CRM data and start exceeding revenue targets with ease.

How to Connect:

Setup is very easy!

  1. Log into your Gondola Account
  2. Navigate to "Settings" and click "Gong"
  3. Connect - and we'll start processing new calls automatically.
  4. You will receive an email when the first call processes!


Can I edit my CRM suggestions before syncing them to my CRM?

Yes you can! We suggest the best updates based on our customizable AI engine, but you can further edit the suggestions before pushing to your CRM.

Which CRMs do you support?

Currently we have native integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and SugarCRM, but you can use your AI engine to generate suggestions and easily copy/paste into any CRM.

How much can I configure the suggestions?

We are happy to help tailor the AI engine directly to your sales process! Reach out to support@gondola.ai and we'd love to help!

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