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About the Integration

Integrating Rattle with Gong enables you to receive useful insights from your Gong calls directly on Slack, where your team is already active. After each call, you can receive a meeting summary, next steps, and coaching notes in your deal room channels, enhancing visibility among managers and sales leaders. Additionally, field suggestions can be sent to reps via DM with suggested CRM field updates. These updates can be implemented with a single click, streamlining the process for reps.

Key Benefits

Deal visibility for sales leaders

Sales leaders no longer need to contact reps or listen to call recordings to stay up-to-date on deals. Key insights from each call, such as meeting summaries, next steps, and feedback, are sent directly into deal rooms.

Rep productivity and coaching

Reps no longer have to switch over to the CRM in order to update deal related fields. With Rattle, important data points can be extracted directly from call transcripts, allowing reps to update fields with just one click on Slack. Additionally, coaching notes provide reps with valuable feedback on their calls, facilitating continuous learning and improvement.

How to Connect:

Note: User must be a technical administrator within Gong. User must be an admin within Rattle

  1. Rattle admin user login to your Rattle account
  2. Click on Integrations from the left navigation
  3. Select “Integrate” in the gong section.
  4. Go to meeting settings here
  5. Save Setting & you are good to go.


How can I integrate Gong?

On the 'Integrations' page, find Gong in the list and hit connect on the card. Follow the steps in the flow in order to integrate Gong. You need to be a Gong admin in order to view.

How long will it take for Slack alerts to arrive after the call?

Slack alerts will arrive in less than 30 min after the call.

Where can I setup the Meeting Intelligence feature?

Go to Meetings tabs > Click on 'Advanced settings' > Scroll down to find Meeting Intelligence settings.

Can I enable only one of Deal rooms alerts or Field update suggestions?

Yes, it is possible to enable only one of Deal room alerts or Field update suggestions.

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