Automatically record, transcribe, and annotate your GoToMeeting calls.

About GoToMeeting

Gotomeeting is a world class video conference software that makes it easier than ever to do business effectively even if you aren't in the same room.

Automatically record, transcribe, and annotate your GoToMeeting calls

If you’re looking to record, transcribe, and annotate your gotomeeting calls, you’ve come to the right place!

Gong automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes your gotomeeting calls so you can replicate what your a-players do, coach your b-players, and ramp new hires faster. Read on to learn how the gotomeeting integration works, or request a demo to see it in action!

Automatically record every gotomeeting call

Whether it’s an internal meeting, or an external sales or customer call, you can set up gong to automatically record any type of gotomeeting call you’d like. Gong scans your calendar for events that contain your gotomeeting link. It then “auto-joins” your scheduled gotomeeting calls, recording both audio and video.

Transcribe your gotomeeting calls

Having thousands of gotomeeting recordings is pretty useless if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Think of gong as a search engine for your gotomeeting recordings. Gong transcribes your gotomeeting calls from speech to text, transforming them into searchable data. You can find specific calls and meetings with ease and search for keywords that were spoken during any individual gotomeeting call.

Annotate, review, and analyze your gotomeeting calls

Bring time-efficiency and collaboration to reviewing your gotomeeting recordings. Zero in on key moments by searching for any spoken word, understand what topics were discussed throughout the call, and make time-stamped comments and annotations for feedback and collaboration.

Think of gong as an “x-ray” for your gotomeeting calls.

Do it all from the mobile app

It’s hard to find time to review gotomeeting calls. You’re not always at your desk, and you probably have plenty of fires to put out every day.

Get your ears on every gotomeeting call or recording from wherever you are with the new gong mobile app. Review calls on the go, even offline.

Connecting with Gong

Configuring Gong to connect to the GoToMeeting means better host recognition on meetings, and gives your users an easier workflow for using the Gong consent page. When connected, Gong can automatically link the GoToMeeting personal meeting room to each team member's consent page link.

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