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Close deals faster by providing reps with compelling, relevant, and opportunity-specific information.

About GTM Buddy

Say goodbye to sales enablement tools that make you search for content. And say hello to GTM Buddy, the only platform that delivers valuable content without context switching or manual searching.

About the Integration

Using the native Gong integration, reps can easily share call recordings with prospects and track their engagement. Enablement teams can embed call snippets in training courses to demonstrate best practices and elevate rep performance.


Guide sellers in their workflow

Easily import call recordings into GTM Buddy's content library and offer reps real-time guidance with call snippets in their workflow.

Are you meeting with the IT head of a healthcare company?

GTM Buddy will present a discovery call snippet that illustrates what a perfect conversation might look like with this buyer persona from a specific industry.

Feature winning sales conversations in courses

Boost rep performance and drive consistent behaviors by integrating effective sales conversations into onboarding and refresher training.

Auto-sync call recordings to Digital Sales Rooms

Automate the mundane task of sharing call recordings with buyers after every meeting. Deal-specific recordings will be automatically synced to the associated digital sales room, saving reps time and accelerating deal progress.

How to Connect

Admins should follow these steps on both GTM Buddy and Gong to enable the integration: Detailed steps are also available via this link -

  1. Go to Org Settings
  2. Navigate to Integrations
  3. Scroll down and find Gong under Conversational Intelligence
  4. Click Enable
  5. You will be re-directed to the Gong login page.
  6. Enter your Gong Admin credentials and sign in.
  7. Allow permissions so that the integration can be successfully enabled
  8. You can now import Gong calls and view buyer engagement insights on the Gong timeline.

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