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This integration needs to be reconnected every 60 days.

Speaker Separation Type: Mono Vs. Stereo Recording

Speaker separation type for this provider: Stereo

When Gong analyzes phone calls imported from modern PBX systems, audio is provided to Gong in two channels: one channel includes the recorded Gong user, and the other channel includes the customer. In addition, Gong knows which extension (or, in the more general case, which recorded Gong user) the call is associated with.

In this case, Gong associates one side of the call with the recorded Gong user and the other side with the other party. This ensures maximum accuracy as long as the PBX system records audio consistently across the channels.

How to Connect

Set up inContact

You need to start in InContact and create a new integration from there.

  1. In inContact, go to API Applications which is either under Admin > Account Settings > API Applications, or in newer versions under ACD > ACD Configuration > API Applications.
  2. Create a new App integration.
  3. Now, you either need to relate it to your InContact call script OR create a new script for your reps to use.
    1. The API scope is: AdminApi, AuthenticationApi, ReportingApi
    2. The authorized CallBack URL is:
  4. Make sure that the Vendor Name and Application Name are exactly the same (including upper and lower case), and make a note of the Application Name.
  5. To enable stereo call recording which enhances both speaker identification and audio quality: In NICE inContact Studio, locate all the [relevant] "log call" actions in your scripts, and make sure the file format for each is set to Stereo Wav.
  6. Make sure calls are set to be recorded.

Set up Gong

  1. In the Settings page, click Telephony systems.
  2. Click + Add telephony system.
  3. Select inContact.
  4. Enter the Application name and the Vendor name exactly as they appear in inContact.
  5. Click CONNECT. You are directed to OAuth in inContact.
  6. Allow Gong to access inContact.

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