About Insight7

Insight7 allows you to connect your Gong account, facilitating the retrieval of valuable product insights from your conversations. This integration empowers users to make data-informed decisions and enhance their Product based on the extracted insights.


Accelerate product discovery and decisions

Automate analysis of product feedback in customer conversations to make data-driven product decisions faster.

Turn customer signals into product success

Surface high-impact product opportunities using key customer signals to inform your product development process.

Grow revenue and reduce churn with product intelligence

Uncover actionable insights to align teams on product opportunities that grow revenue and boost retention.


How does the Gong and Insight7 integration work?

The integration automatically pulls and analyzes conversation transcripts from Gong delivering insights to you in Insight7.

What kinds of insights can I get from the integration?

You can analyze conversation data to identify product opportunities alongside churn risks and upsell potential due to product features.

Does the integration impact my Gong setup?

No, the integration is seamless and read-only. It does not impact your existing Gong account or settings.

How do I enable the Gong integration?

The integration can be easily set up from within your Insight7 account. Just connect your Gong account and the integration will start pulling data automatically.

How often does data flow between Gong and Insight7?

The integration keeps your Insight7 data continuously up-to-date with real-time flows as new conversations occur in Gong. There is no lag time.

How to Connect

  1. Your organization must have an active Gong Account
  2. You should have an active Insight7 account - create one here:
  3. You must have Gong administrator access

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