Supercharge your Klue battlecards with Gong.

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Use Klue with Gong to track trends in competitors coming up in your sales calls and what buyers are saying about them. Uncover win-loss insights both before AND after the deal closes, to inform your go-to-market strategy.


Be the compete hero: find relevant competitive intel from Gong calls quickly and act on it. Use sales calls as a leading indicator for shifts in your competitive landscape, and adjust your competitive enablement priorities accordingly.

Hear what your competitors are frequently saying about you, and how buyers perceive you vs your competitors.

Consolidate and organize competitive intel that needs to be verified.

Monitor the occurrence of top vs emerging competitors in your deals.

How to Connect

Step-by-Step Guide for Using Gong Intel in Your Competitive Enablement Program

Thousands of teams use Gong on a daily basis to get a reality check on what’s happening with their prospects.

Those hours of demo calls and follow-up conversations that Gong recordings contain are a valuable source of competitive intelligence for your company.

Oftentimes, competitor insights from buyers are solely retained in the experience of tenured sales reps, or simply collect dust in Gong.

The Klue for Gong integration enables you to discover those golden nuggets of competitive information, and integrate them into your competitive enablement program to supercharge your Klue battlecards. Enable your organization to leverage Gong intel to inform your go-to-market, product, and sales strategies!

Here’s your step-by-step playbook to creating battlecards with real, actionable insights.

Step 1. Configure your Gong tracker and connect Gong with Klue Program Gong trackers to automatically flag whenever a buyer mentions a competitor, so that you can track trends in competitor mentions over time in Klue and easily review everything that’s recently been said about a competitor.

Add in any alternative terms or common transcription misspellings for the competitor into your tracker, and configure these in Klue to group all the mentions under the intended competitor name (or ‘Other’, or ‘In-House’) for ease of analysis.

Note: users in Gong such as sales reps and competitive leaders can also pull any intel directly from the transcript of the call in Gong and send it into Klue Alerts using the Klue Browser Extension.

Step 2. Review buyers’ competitor mentions and monitor trends Easily review the Gong snippets of buyers’ competitor mentions in Klue, sorted by competitor mentions and grouped by competitor.

Observe trends in competitor mentions over time, and use these as leading indicators for shifts in your competitive landscape. Adjust your Klue battlecards and share them out to your team as needed.

Hop into open opportunities to support your team on tough competitive deals!

Step 3. Bring real-life examples into your battlecards A way that you can elevate your battlecard is by linking to your best reps’ talk tracks to competitive objections. In this battlecard, you’re presenting the most common competitive objections a buyer raises and how best to handle them.

For each objection, include links to relevant Gong snippets. You can include the snippet of the transcript, or directly embed the video into your Klue battlecard. This allows reps to learn in whatever way works best for them.

Now your battlecard doesn’t only contain advice — you’ve got REAL examples of salespeople in action.

Step 4 (Optional). Auto-update your Salesforce opportunities and HubSpot deals with the competitors that showed up in related calls

Save your reps some time! Nobody likes filling in CRM fields and keeping them updated over the course of the deal. Different competitors can show up in different calls throughout the deal: instead of repeatedly reminding them to keep this field up-to-date along with the 20+ other ones, take the load off by automatically updating the CRM record for them.

Klue’s Gong integration enables you to automatically keep the CRM opportunity records updated with the competitors that show up within related Gong calls. You can even match your Gong tracker keywords to your CRM picklist values to help ensure CRM data hygiene!


What do I need to do to set this integration up?

You’ll need Klue admin access and Gong technical admin access to set up this integration. Click ‘Install’ on the Gong integration within the Klue integrations page (https://v2.app.klue.com/integrations) to get started.

Can you help me configure the integration?

Yes - while you can set up the integration on your own, Klue’s customer success team is available to help you configure the integration for optimal success.

How long does it typically take to set up this integration?

It depends on how long it will take for you to set up your Gong keyword tracker for competitors. You may also wish to refine the tracker over time, to include more homonyms.

Once you have a Gong keyword tracker that you are happy with, the integration typically takes under 5 minutes to set up.

The optional auto-updates to Salesforce or HubSpot would add another 5-10 minutes depending on the integrator’s familiarity within the CRM.

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