Automatic upload of call recordings of valid conversations from Koncert to Gong.

About Koncert

The integration between Koncert and Gong provides the ability to have automatic upload of call recordings of all your Valid Conversations made in Koncert to Gong instantaneously.

Setup Requirements

To enable the integration, users must be Gong Tech Admins and have Admin Access in Koncert.


How do I retrieve Gong API?
  1. The Gong Integration will be enabled for the respective Org by Koncert Support
  2. Please email support@koncert.com to enable the Third Party Integrations in the Settings tab
  3. Once completed, the Authorize button will be enabled for Gong under Dialers » Settings » Third Party Integrations

Do the Call Recording Settings need to be enabled for the Koncert-Gong Integration to work?

Call Recording settings are required to be enabled. This can be completed by anyone with a Manager Role in Koncert in the Remote Coach tab.

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