Leadfeeder by Dealfront

Get customer web engagement insights directly into your Gong account to prioritise high-intent prospects

About Leadfeeder by Dealfront

Integrate Gong with Leadfeeder by Dealfront to send customer engagement insights such as companies visiting your website, pages they visited, form fills, file downloads and video views to your Gong account.

When you have your Gong account connected to a CRM, integrating with Leadfeeder will automatically match our customer engagement insights to the companies in your CRM records. This not only helps you focus on prospects that show real buying intent, but also to evaluate the immediate impact of your conversations with customers and prospects.

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  • Connecting the Gong insights with subsequent website visits, you gain a powerful way to evaluate the effectiveness of your interactions and strategies. This connection allows you to recognize which tactics bring positive results and pinpoint areas that require improvement.

  • Identify high-intent accounts within your CRM by tracking their website visits, prioritizing those showing high-intent. Dive deep into the specifics of customer and prospect engagement, knowing what pages they visited, how long they stayed there, what was their next step of the journey and what type of content raised their interest. Armed with this knowledge, you can follow up the right time, with a message that captures their interest.

  • Equip your sales team with invaluable insights derived from customer engagement on the website. These insights become the fuel for impactful outreach strategies, enabling them to tailor their approach based on the audience's specific interactions.


What type of data is shared with Gong from Leadfeeder by Dealfront?

Customer engagement data such as companies visiting your website, form fills, file downloads and video views will be sent to your Gong account. In addition to each engagement specific information, we will also sync data like time duration of the visit, page links, visit location, etc.

How often do you refresh the customer engagement insights in Gong?

Engagement insights will be refreshed once per day.

What happens to the engagement data when my Gong account is not connected to my CRM account?

If a company or contact does not exist in your CRM system, then the engagement data will not be matched with any record, but it will still be visible in the Leadfeeder app.

Will I be able to see historical records of previous engagement data of my CRM accounts?

Only newly created events will be synced to your Gong account and no historical records of previous engagement events from the point that integration connected can be added to your account.

Should I be on a specific Gong pricing plan to use the integration?

All Gong accounts that have an active subscription for Web Visitors Identification Solution by Dealfront can integrate.

How to Connect

A few prerequisites for the integration:

  1. You must have a paid Dealfront subscription that includes access to Leadfeeder. If you don't have a Dealfront account, sign up here.

  2. The Leadfeeder tracking script must be installed and active on the website you wish to identify companies visiting.

  3. You must have a paid Gong subscription with admin privileges.

  4. You must have CRM integration enabled through Gong.

How to integrate:

STEP 1: Log in to Dealfront. If you don't have a Dealfront account, sign up here.

​STEP 2: Navigate to your Account settings.

STEP 3: Select Overview under the Integrations heading. You will see all the integrations available to you, as well as any already connected. Click Gong (under the Collaboration sub-heading) to start the integration process.

STEP 4: You will be taken to our Integrations page. Read the information and click Connect.

STEP 5: In the next step you are asked to Allow Dealfront permission to create new digital interactions within Gong. Once you've approved this the integration initiation will start loading and your accounts will be connected. Your integrations Overview page will also show Gong as 'Connected'.

Please Note: Gong and Leadfeeder sync once per day.

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