Open more opportunities with LeadIQ. Then, close more deals with Gong.

About LeadIQ

The LeadIQ platform is built to help you prospect smarter and build pipeline faster. Find prospect data, track sales triggers, and personalize cold outreach all in one place. Imagine the prospects.

About the Partnership

Gong is partnering with LeadIQ because we share the belief that every sales opportunity is precious. Managing these opportunities based on reality and not opinion using smart data is more essential than ever.

And yet, no matter how well you manage deals through to completion, it hinges on your ability to create sales pipeline. That’s why Gong is partnering with LeadIQ. Together, Gong and LeadIQ will help you:

  • Find the right contact data for the right prospects
  • Know when to reach out to those prospects
  • Create tailored outbound messages instantly
  • Simplify billing with a single contract at an unbeatable price

Open more opportunities with LeadIQ. Then, close more deals with Gong.

Key Benefits

With Gong and LeadIQ, you:

  1. Expand opportunities — new and existing Create and accelerate deals with easy, reliable access to key stakeholders.

  2. Maximize your time with buyers Personalize your selling, from prospecting to close.

  3. Tidy up your tech stack Stretch tight budgets, simplify buying, and streamline billing.

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