With a few clicks, embed Gong calls into training lessons.

About Lessonly

We help you foster employee confidence, one lesson at a time. We love customer service training, sales training, and employee onboarding.

Gong & Lessonly together

Winning sales teams use Gong data and interactions to drive world-class training and enablement through Lessonly.

Embed calls right in the flow of learning

With a few clicks, embed Gong calls into training lessons, so learners can see real examples of “what good looks like” from their peers.

Deliver intentional training with Gong data

Gong Intelligence helps leaders understand where the team needs improvements so you can determine what remediation training is most helpful for your reps.

Get ready for even more alignment

Both teams realize the alignment between training and sales insights is important, so we’ll continue to develop helpful products, together!

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