Prove your enablement + training change how reps sell.

About LevelJump

Close the loop on sales enablement with LevelJump and Gong.

Surface the right calls at the right time, track the specific behaviours you care about most, and prove your training and onboarding changes how reps work.

Embed relevant calls where they're needed most

Drop relevant calls into training programs to give reps real life examples of what they're learning.

Track the completion of specific sales activities

Embed specific gong activities into your programs and automatically track their completion to prove enablement is changing how reps sell.

Help reps do the work right - Automatically surface specific calls for managers to score and guarantee coaching and feedback happens when its needed most.

Tie your new rep behaviour to revenue outcomes

Connect training, behaviour, and business impact in a single view to prove the value of sales enablement.

How to connect

  1. Install the GongAppExchange package.
  2. Install the LevelJump AppExchange package
  3. Work with the LevelJump customer success team to configure your integration

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