LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Get the full wealth of Linkedin Sales Navigator info on any contact in your deal without leaving Gong

About LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence platform that enables virtual selling by allowing sales professionals to build and maintain relationships with their buyers at scale.

About the integration

Sales reps frequently move back and forth between Gong and LinkedIn Sales Navigator: they use the Deals page to manage their pipeline, and Sales Navigator to map prospect accounts and source and engage with leads and contacts. Now, rather than moving back and forth, users can enjoy Sales Navigator functionality from within Gong’s Deals in a single click in the context of managing their pipeline.

Key benefits

Easily identify key stakeholders to build multi-threaded opportunities

See a contact within the context of a deal, your network, and the commonalities you share. Reaching out is more effective because you can ask a mutual connection for a warm intro, or be prepared with relevant info to break the ice.

Save time with a streamlined view of prospect details

See a contact’s Linkedin Sales Navigator info directly from within Gong. No more copy and paste, jumping from tab to tab… with a simple click you can dive into a contact’s details on Linkedin Sales Navigator quickly and easily. With access to this information, you can quickly determine the decision-making power of a contact based on their title and tenure.

How to connect

How to connect Gong admins can enable the integration for your org.

  1. Click Connect in the upper left corner on this page.
  2. In the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration page, toggle the Connection is disabled toggle to ON.

The integration is enabled for your organization, and the Sales Navigator option appears for everybody.

The first time a user clicks View in Sales Navigator, they will need to sign in to their LinkedIn account.

Drill into contact information

Refer reps to this article in the Gong Help center to learn more about leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator when managing their deals.


- Why should we integrate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Get rich contact information from Sales Navigator directly without leaving Gong. No more jumping between different browser tabs to see who’s on the deal…or who should be.

- What should I expect when I enable the Sales Navigator integration?

Once you have enabled the integration, your reps will be able to see the Sales Navigator option for contacts in their deals.

- Do reps need to sign in to their LinkedIn account?

Yes - the first time your reps try to access contact info in Sales Navigator, they'll be asked to sign into their LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. Thereafter, they can access LinkedIn info straight away. If the integration is disabled for any reason, they’ll need to sign in again.

- Which Sales Navigator plans are supported?

The integration supports Advanced and Advanced Plus users.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator screenshots

Gong + Linkedin Sales Navigator
Gong + Linkedin Sales Navigator

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