The painless and cost-effective solution ensuring that every business call, anywhere, at any time is automatically logged into the CRM system. Employees business mobile calls – at the office, at home or traveling – are seamlessly captured and transferred to the CRM and call recording systems. Automatically record, track, document and integrate mobile calls, SMS records, and other forms of business-critical mobile communications without infringing on the privacy of employees’ personal mobile devices!

About Mobile2CRM

How to connect

Note:To capture the best possible sound quality on calls imported to Gong, we recommend you ask your Mobile2CRM CSM to enable stereo call recording for you.*

  1. In the Settings page, click Telephony systems.

  2. Click + Add telephony system.

  3. Select Mobile2CRM.

  4. Click CREATE CREDENTIALS to generate sign-in credentials for the FTP folder.

  5. Click Show password to see the password. Note:You can only see the password once..*

  6. Click CLOSE.

  7. Configure your telephony system to send files to

    The campaign folder should reside under the root folder, or the Recordings folder.

    Make sure that there is at least one call from the past week in the bucket referred to in the path. This call is used to validate the path.

    Also, make sure that the end of the default path URL matches the following format: /.../<month><day><year>/<prospectPhoneNumber> by <userEmail> @ <hour><minute><second> <AM/PM> as <disposition>.<fileType>.

    For example, /Sales Direct Domain/12_7_2019/5169716789 by user@email @ 9_33_04 AM.wav. If you need to customize the path, contact Gong support.

  8. To disconnect from this telephony system, in the Telephony systems settings page, in the Mobile2CRM box, click Disconnect from Mobile2CRM.

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