Monterey AI

Aggregate, triage, and analyze qualitative data - smarter, together, and at scale.

About Monterey AI

Monterey AI extracts feedback from all sources including your call transcripts in Gong, helping you mine for useful pieces of information to make your products and services even better.


Automated extraction of product feedback like suggestions and bugs

Triage, analysis, chat, and other capabilities on top of this data

Ingest from all sources - from Gong and beyond

How to Connect

Set up simply requires navigating to your workspace settings in Monterey, to integrations, and then to the Gong page, where you can click a button to connect your account.

You will be directed to a Gong authorization page where it will explain the data we will utilize (only calls!).

Once you review and approve, you will return to Monterey AI and recent calls will be loaded automatically for you to begin ingesting them


How do I chat with my data?

Simply navigate to "Ask Monty" and enter a question like "what are the top complaints about {feature} from the last 3 months"

How do I configure notifications?

First, navigate to the list view and filter to the data you want to be notified on. Then, navigate to views where you can configure various notifications for data in that view.

Can I upload data for one-time analysis?

Yes, when uploading a CSV or with other select ingestion routes, you can choose "one-time dataset" and that data will be analyzable in all the same ways, but not mixed in with your other data.

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