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About Naro HQ

Naro streamlines your post-meeting workflow by turning your Gong calls into insightful follow-up emails. Beyond just call summaries, we analyze your conversations to uncover follow-up opportunities, tackle objections, and respond to open questions using your sales team’s knowledge and content resources.


Naro finds follow-up content and answers

Our integration with Gong listens for any questions, objections, topics, and opportunities in your meeting and allows Naro to proactively find the right content and answers you need in your follow-up — without the need to search.

Naro drafts your post-meeting email

In addition to summarizing the call, Naro outlines the key topics and questions and addresses each one with linked content and proof points. Click send or easily swap content and answers out.

Naro saves you hours allows you to move more deals forward

Following up after an important call can take 30-45 minutes or more! Naro eliminates this step by finding the content you need and drafting your email for you.

How to Connect

Integration requires a Naro account and a Gong account with cloud recording. You must also be an admin in Gong to complete the integration.

Connect Gong to Naro:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations and locate Gong. Click Integrate.

  2. Follow the prompts to sign in to your Gong account. Please note, that you must be a Gong admin to connect your organization's recorded calls to Naro.

  3. Review the authorization screen, including the information you share with Naro. Click Allow.

  4. Once integrated, you will see your most recent meetings in Past Calls within Naro.

Ready to Connect?

Please visit our help page and follow the instructions. If any problem occurs our team is available at our help center.

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