Nextiva is a Connected Communications company that helps businesses grow faster. It lets people work smarter using its business VoIP phone service, video conferencing, text messaging, and CRM software.

About Nextiva

How to connect

  1. Ask your Nextiva admin to give you the Nextiva Username, Password, Default address, and Server Full address.

  2. Import users to Gong and set them to record before integrating Nextiva in Gong.

  3. In the Settings page, click Telephony systems.

  4. Click + Add telephony system.

  5. Select Nextiva.

  6. Enter the username, and password.

  7. Click Advanced settings.

  8. In the Default address field, if your default address is not [], delete the default, and enter the default address for your company.

  9. Enter the server full address.

  10. Click CONNECT.

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