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About Nooks

Nooks is a virtual office where reps recreate the camaraderie of a Sales Floor by dialing together as a team with a power dialer.

About the Integration

With our Gong integration, reps are able to push their call from your Nooks Sales Floor directly to Gong's AI for transcription and analysis.

Key Benefits

Virtual Sales Floor

Teams can be in a video call with their team while making dials

How to Connect:

  1. Open your Nooks workspace.

  2. Go to Settings and select Integrations.

  3. Locate and click on "Connect Gong." You don't have to be a Gong Tech Admin to connect.

  4. Gong will ask you to log in if you haven't already, and authorize the API scopes needed by Nooks to sync call data and fetch any CRM-specific data, which you can view in the prospect expanded section in the dialer.

  5. Once authorized, click on "Authorize" and Nooks will confirm if you have successfully connected.

  6. Close the tab and return to Nooks.


Will Nooks push calls to Gong that are voicemails and not a real person?

If you log a call manually with Nooks with a valid disposition, we will push that call to Gong.

If I use Salesloft's integration with Gong, do I need to setup a Nooks integration too?

Yes, since Salesloft doesn't write calls made by third-party dialers to Gong via its integration.

Do calls made via CSV import get pushed to Gong?

This is a setting you can decide.

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