OpTonal analyzes your Gong calls. Measure pitch accuracy, check for behaviors, and find new objections with AI!

About OpTonal

About the Integration

Gong already provides a transcript of each sales call for an opportunity. These transcripts offer additional and potentially rich feedback for why a deal was won or lost. Clozd can now ingest these transcripts to be analyzed in the Clozd Platform alongside your win-loss interviews and surveys. This will allow you to truly understand what’s happening across your sales pipeline before and after each deal is closed.

Key Benefits

Measure Pitch Accuracy

Figure out if your reps are using the right messaging

Check for Behaviors

Check if reps are performing the behaviors and actions you want them to do during a call

Find new objections

Search for undocumented objections using AI

How to Connect:

Users must have a Gong Tech Admin Account and an OpTonal Admin Account

  1. Log into OpTonal
  2. Open Company settings in OpTonal
  3. Click "Connect" in the Gong integration section
  4. You will see the Gong OAuth screen
  5. On callback you will see a success message


How do I import a Gong call into OpTonal?

  1. Log into OpTonal
  2. Open a project
  3. Open the imported recordings tab
  4. Click "Import Recording"
  5. Filter the Gong recording that you want to import
  6. Click "Import"

Is there any risk of unintended changes to my Gong data?

No, we only request for read access (which you can verify during the authorization process) to your users and calls. We use user access to be able to filter calls by user.

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