Gong Tile in Outreach

Get visibility into your Outreach call data.

About Gong Tile in Outreach

This integration is meant to help customers using both Gong and Outreach embed the Gong calls data in the Outreach platform.

This integration is connected via Salesforce. Go here to learn how to connect to Outreach via API in order to import call recordings into Gong.

Outreach and Gong are excited to bring you a direct integration with Outreach.

That means two things:

  1. Your Outreach calls are now analyzed by Gong, helping you transform your team into quota-shattering super sellers
  2. You can access Gong calls directly from your Outreach interface. Having a list of an account's previous calls at your fingertips helps you nail your next call or meeting.

If you think about it, there are two ways to generate more revenue:

  • More sales conversations
  • Better sales conversations

Outreach and Gong together help get you visibility into more conversations and improve the quality of those conversations, effectively unlocking sales effectiveness.

Nail Your Next Call With The Last One At Your Fingertips

With the list of previous calls served up on the Accounts page in Outreach, you'll have the power to make every call as if your last one just ended:

Clicking on one of these recent calls will bring you into Gong.io where you can zero-in on key parts of the call, understanding what happened in record time.

This gives you a refresher of what was previously talked about with an account so you can make your next sales call extremely effective.

You'll also be able to see --- at a glance --- key information that was discussed on previous calls.

Whether you want to display competitors that were mentioned, the number of "seats" an account has, or anything else.

It's now available at a glance.

If you're a rep, this integration will help you make your calls so effective, it'll feel like you're cheating.

And if you're a manager...

Connecting Gong.io to Outreach gives you the power to coach at scale, and identify exactly what your best reps do differently on their calls than everyone else.

How To Connect

  1. Make sure your account is connected to Salesforce to be able to enable the Outreach integration.
  2. Connect Outreach in order to have a sales revenue tile to access Gong calls from within Outreach.

Gong Tile in Outreach screenshots

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